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Yelkebiçer Family joins Ullman Group

Yelkenbiçer Family History

During the Ottomans, people were not using surnames. Pepole were called with their “nick names”, “their names with fathers name” or their business. As we heard from our parents, in 1850s our business were started in Girit Island (todays, Kriti Island of Greece) by my grandgrand father. They had to escape from Girit Island because of the strikes at the later times of Ottomans (I guess near 1900) and they had to move to Izmir. In 1923 modern Turkish Republic was buit by the leading of Atatürk and new modern laws became available, than people started using surnames. Our family nick name “Yelkenbiçer “ became our family Surname.

The English meaning of “Yelkenbicer” is “Sailmaker”

My Grandfather Ibrahim Yelkenbiçer (1890-1961) As we heard from family elders, he was a good sailmaker and the owner of the 4 or 5 of boats fleet which they were used for fishing and short distance transportation. Also they were making small regattas to prove their leadership in transportation business, and they were always the leader. Many of his 7 children were business related. Only my father took this job profesionally.


Ibrahim Yelkenbicer
(The man at lefthand side at the stern of the boat is my grandfather)

My father Recep Yelkenbicer (1933-2007) He was the frontier of modern times of sailing in Turkiye. He was also a master of sailing sport for a very long time. He raced in Sharpie, Snipe, Fd and Dragon classes, he was always the champion, no matter which class he raced. He had many Turkish championship cups and medals and he had been in Turkish National Team almost for fifty times. He is in memories with his profesional experience and successfull race results.


Ibrahim Yelkenbicer
My Father Sailing FD (Helmsman)


Ibrahim Yelkenbicer
While my father having his cup. (backward)

Nusret Yelkenbicer (1961) My elder brother Nusret started sailing in Optimist class at very young ages, after that he raced in Cadet, Finn and Dragon classes. He had many Turkish championships in many classes of sailing.He had been in Turkish National Team more than fifty times.In his younger ages he was dealing with sailmaking, but after graduating from Merchant Marine Academy , he worked as as a captain .He is still a captain working abroad, and also a member of our company.


Nusret Yelkenbicer
While Nusret inspecting finished sails.

Levent Yelkenbiçer (1962).After establishing our family business, my other brother Levent joined our team.In his younger ages, he was working with my father in his summer holidays, too.But he is not interested sailing as a sport.


Levent Yelkenbicer
While Levent repairing a sail.

Mehmet Ali Yelkenbiçer( 1969). I, M.Ali, began sailing in the Optimist class in my 7-8 ages. In my summer holidays, I was both racing and helping my father in our loft. To earn my pocket money by repairing my friends sails is one of the main reasons to choose this job as a profession.I aslo raced in the Cadet,Dragon , Windsurf and Finn classes. I won many championships , especially in the Finn Class.In the years of 1987-1988 I was the junior champion of Turkey.I raced 28 times in the Turkish National.

team, like my father and my brother. In my younger ages, I began to improve myself and have my own projects in sailmaking business with the help of my father knowledge and experience.In the year of 1994, I established Yelkenbiçer Ltd. with my father.I had many projects in the last 30 years. I guess I built thousands of sails in those years. In my first years of sailmaking, we were using classical hardwares and techniques. But since 1995, our production quality and speed is developed by using computer technology and other modern techniques and hardware.


Mehmet Ali Yelkenbicer
While I am sewing a sail

Mehmet Ali Yelkenbicer
Me and my wife at the sailing club. After race.

Bora Yelkenbiçer ( 2003).My dear son Bora is the youngest member of our family.When he was four months old,he touched the tiller for the first time.In next summer holiday, he is going to start optimist courses in the sailing club which I am a member of Board Management.Seeing him very willing, we hope to see him as a succesful sailor in the nearest future.


Bora Yelkenbicer
While Bora playing around in sailing club.



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