Haber 6/27/2013

We Just Got Bigger

There is big  news afoot. Ullman Sails, one of the oldest and most respected brands in sailmaking has joined forces with Jannie Reuvers Sails, one of the largest and most technologically advanced sail and membrane production lofts in the world. It’s a strategic and exciting match –two longstanding companies bringing their own strengths to an alliance that is now positioned to rival the top names in the sailmaking industry.

This strong move forward means a bigger and more dynamic Ullman Sails group, adding new loft locations in South Africa including a major sail manufacturing facility and a state-­-of-­- the-­-art membrane plant in Cape Town, a specialized one design loft in Durban,and a sales and service facility in Johannesburg. Jan Reuvers, owner of the new Ullman Sails South Africa and founder of Jannie Reuvers Sails, also brings w ith him a  talented and innovative team with expertise in the super yacht, OEM and one design markets.


Here’s what you can expect from these changes:

  • An even larger international network of service and support, now with over 80 locations in 31 countries
  • Expanded services and support in the super yacht, one design and other specialty markets - The same high quality sail design and construction standards that you know and expect
  • The same local Ullman Sails team that you work with and rely on
  • The same pricing with more value for every dollar spent
  • A stronger team of expertise and experience to ensure Ullman Sails provides the latest in design development and product technology


The answer is actually quite simple. Jan Reuvers’ sailmaking company, known as JRS or Jannie Reuvers Sails, has steadily been producing some of the finest sails for notable sailmakers worldwide over the last 35 years. More than 80,000 sails have been built on his loft floors for boats as small as Optimists to as large as luxury super yachts. Since founding the company, Jan and his wife Belinda have built several cutting-­-edge production facilities, established a reputation for excellence and dedication within the industry, and managed a skilled and thriving workforce. As the new Ullman Sails South Africa, Jannie Reuvers Sails is certainly a strong match for a brand recognized for its quality, service and integrity.


 The synergy of these two companies promises to be exceptional on and off the loft floor. Focused on positioning Ullman Sails to expand and achieve its long term objectives, David Ullman identified a like-minded investor in Jan Reuvers, committed to the same principles that have distinguished the Ullman Sails brand for over 45 years. In a strategic move, Jan Reuvers as part of a group of investors purchased Ullman Sails International, Inc., the licensing company of the Ullman Sails group, which owns and manages the Ullman Sails brand. All Ullman Sails lofts are independently owned and operated, but as Ullman Sails license holders, they are part of a collaborative international network that is committed to quality design, well-crafted products, technological innovation, and local customer service. The leadership of Ullman Sails International will continue with David Ullman as President and Kelly Buchan as Vice President and General Manager. In addition, Craig Millar of the Ullman Sails South Africa team has been appointed Vice President of Business Development. GET


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